Entrepreneurship / Software Engineering

Who is CanaryCoders

A brief history

CanaryCoders is essentially just me, Kai, but not entirely. It is the official brand I use to operate my passion for coding from where I live, the magically peaceful Canary Islands. I don't usually like to talk much about myself, but here is a brief biography nevertheless :-) Since I was a child, growing up in Belgium, I was passionate about all things technology related. I taught myself my first coding skills using an old school Intel 386 pc and an MS-DOS book in the early 90's (between age 8 and 10), while the internet was still taking shape. As it all started early on, as an aspie, I had boatloads of time for my geeky interests and an insatiable urge to learn. So the rest of my youth mainly consisted of endlessly testing and configuring linux distributions, web and native programming, hacking around, and fiddling with electronics. This passion never faded and once adult, I worked myself up to become a software engineer. Also, after acquiring an entrepreneurial feel, I slowly found myself building up some kind of mini legacy, allowing me to keep playing and discovering new technologies. Whilst also trying to spark an interest in kids (including my own) early on, as I experienced the value of that first hand. Since the uprising of crypto, I became deeply interested in the financial world and its workings as well, in which I try to leverage both my programming knowledge as well as my financial markets knowledge in a private project I am currently actively working on. As a good geek I obviously also have a weakness for all things space and philosophy... :-).

Companies I'm working at

  • KangaCoders

    Your partner in pure web and mobile application development


  • ShowBase

    Event application builder. (Becoming part of KangaCoders)


Side-projects I'm working on

  • KaiBot

    Easy to use portfolio manager and Crypto trader! (W.I.P.)

  • Compras Canarias

    Making the Canary Marketplace more accessible. (In Early development phase...)

  • ...

    There are many more projects in the pipeline... ;-).


Areas I am looking for opportunities in

I profoundly believe that coding, no matter what background a kid has, helps them focus, to have a passion, being creative and optimistic, to stay out of trouble and approach life differently. I feel making a change here, not only helps the children, but society as a whole. Therefore I'm looking for charity-like projects with the same core values, and I dream about starting such foundations of my own.


Pick my Brain

If you have any inquiries for someone who thinks pragmatically and truly out of the box, you came to the right place! I sure love to share ideas and in all probability have many ways to help bring your ideas to life through one of the companies in my mini-ecosystem. ;-)